We've consulted for a wide range of clients who need K-Beauty expertise and a point-of-view. Below are just a few of our engagements. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us.

Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 company approached us to help them refine a new product line concept. Why did they need us? This product line was K-Beauty inspired and they wanted a better understanding of what ingredients were trending, what packaging was on the market, and what product categories were selling in Korea.

Small to Medium Sized K-Beauty Brands

Small to medium-sized K-Beauty brands that are trying to establish themselves in the US market hire Inside the Raum to provide marketing support, strategic business advice, and connections. With a unique point of view of what works and what doesn't for Korean beauty brands, we are able to provide tailored expertise and help to prime these businesses for growth.

We partnered with a major retailer to bring them Korean beauty brands. We took time to understand their core customer, their beauty strategy, and purchase dynamics and curated a selection of Korean brands and skus that would help them keep their finger on the pulse of beauty.

major retailer

Institutional Investor

An institutional investor wanted to learn more about Korean beauty space as part of a due diligence and analysis project for a potential investment. This investor hired Inside the Raum to provide an overview and understanding of market dynamics.