A Tour of Glow Recipe's Soho Pop Up

Offline - it's the next step in the K-Beauty evolution in the US. We've seen store-in-stores with Peach & Lily's store at Macy's. We've seen Sephora's in-store K-Beauty activation. Peach & Lily is doing a collaboration with Target and Barney's. Ulta just announced a slew of K-Beauty products (more to come on this). And now Glow Recipe has their own pop up store in Soho for the entire month of March.

I visited and this is what I saw:



  • The space is quite beautiful and in a great location. It has tall glass windows, great signage, high ceilings, and is in a majorly trafficked area of Soho located at 452 W Broadway
  • After some online research, the space has about 2,150 sq feet of retail space and 3 levels - first floor, mezzanine, and second floor.
  • Real estate sites show the monthly rent as $66,667 per month
  • They use the first floor as the retail portion of their store. The second floor is a meeting room/showroom area that they are using to hold classes with various influencers and partners. The day I attended, influencer @gothamista was there holding a class on the "7 Skin Method" and the following day @suninayoung was holding a class on "Facial Fitness". Great way to get foot traffic into the stores, brand build with influencers and collaborators, and soft sell products through education. A+++ for this. 
  • I arrived on their second day in business (Thursday) around 5:30pm and was pretty impressed with the number of people dropping into the store. Also, after the class by @gothamista had ended the class participants all streamed downstairs to shop and peruse. 
  • A quick scan showed most of their well-known brands and skus, maybe ~ 70 skus across various brands.
  • One wall was organized by product category in addition to an entire sheet mask wall.
  • The other side of the wall was organized by skin type with recommended products for each step (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc).
  • Prices ranged from $2.00 for a Yoon Dermaline Marine Complex Exfoliator (not available online) to around $58 for a Huxley serum. They probably had more expensive skus, as I did not do a thorough investigation of prices but they also were selling their Poreless Glow sets which retail online for $155
  • There were great illustrations all over the store making it a great "Instagrammy" place so they should get good social coverage. 
  • They looked like they were still settling in as there were product boxes in the retail space and sheet masks were a bit hard to get to since they were not easily available from a shelf.
  • They include a kind of loyalty program called Glow Passport where each time you come in and spend over $20 you earn stamps towards things like discounts, free products, and a personal skin consult with Sarah or Christine.
  • They're also announcing a big launch on March 21st.
  • They worked in conjunction with @hucbek for the design and installation of this pop up.

All in all, a great pop up execution. Excited to see how this store performs and customer reception.