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Amazon: K-Beauty Brand's Friend Or foe?

Much has already been written about Amazon and their seemingly unstoppable domination of commerce. Many other retailers and brands in fashion have faltered by being late to the e-Commerce game while Amazon continues to win share in categories that used to seem beyond the reach of Amazon. 

Korean beauty is no different and Amazon is a retailer to watch and, in my opinion, embrace. 

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Forecasting: K-Beauty product categories to make it west

In a recent trip to Seoul, I visited popular beauty shops researching the latest trends and new products on the market. 

Korea has been hailed the Silicon Valley of beauty known for it's neck-breaking speed in spitting out new products as well as a hot spot where trends emerge quickly. Everyone's always asking - what's the next big thing? After BB creams proliferated through the US in 2008 and cushion compacts came onto the market via L'Oreal in 2015, US consumers and beauty companies look to Korea to see what has the potential to be the next big product category. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that currently there isn't anything as transformative as those products at the moment. Rather, there are many micro-trends taking root that I believe have the potential to also become micro-trends in the US.

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the new memebox

Memebox launched their new site after announcing their pivot away from e-Commerce and towards being a kind of educational hub for K-Beauty.

I took a look at the new Memebox which they soft-launched May 1 and here are some thoughts.

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defining k-beauty - is it a concept or category?

With the mass proliferation of K-Beauty in the US, we've gotten to a point where I started asking myself in an almost existential manner, "what is K-Beauty"? The reason behind this is that as Korean beauty products have caught fire in the US amongst retailers, consumers, the media, Western brands, and the like, I fear that K-Beauty has become copied, bastardized, and diluted. 

Western Brands as K-Beauty? No Way.

As I have written about before, we see K-Beauty "inspiration" in Western brands like Garnier's Moisture Bomb. Tracey Robey of blog fanserviced-b also wrote about how she gets pitch emails from  Western brands claiming to be "K-Beauty". If one claims to be K-Beauty, does that make it so? If not, then what is K-Beauty?

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Our interview with l2

Are we in a K-Beauty bubble

Consumer interest in Korean Beauty is growing and mainstream retailers are catching on. In the past year, articles about 10-step Korean skin care routines and ingredients unusual to Western consumers have flooded the pages of US beauty blogs. Hip retailers like Sephora and Urban Outfitters began carrying select products and expanding their selection over time.

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The k-beauty boom to bust? how brands can withstand the test of time

The question gets asked a lot - is the Korean beauty trend a fad or does it have staying power? The Business of Fashion had an article entitled "K-Beauty: From Fad to Fixture?" which talks about the growing proliferation of Korean beauty across the mainstream landscape in Western countries.

If you ask industry veterans, many will say that K-Beauty is 100% a fad and that in a few years American consumers will be onto the next country. They've seen it happen before and they think it will happen again - history will repeat itself. 

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